Wheelchair ramp

Requested Project

Design, build, and have inspected a wheelchair ramp located in a garage of a home in SW Cedar Rapids.  The ramp has two decks, a 5 X 5 deck at the door to the garage and a 4 X 3 deck at the wall of the garage to the house and a 4 foot wide ramp from the 5’ deck to the 4’ deck.  The ramp drops at 1 inch every 9 inches of length.  The ramp also drops at 1 inch every 9 inches for the remainder of the ramp with it being 3 foot wide in this area.  The ramp has rails on both sides.  See the attached drawing (to be added later).  The ramp is constructed of 2 X 6 inch construction grade lumber and is screwed together such that it can be removed at a later date.  The deck of the ramp has been painted with a non-slip surface coating.  The upper deck is 29.750 high at the wall of the house.  The floor slopes such that at the outside of the 5 ’ deck it is 30.5 inches from the floor.  The 4 X 3 deck is 18 inches from the floor.  The l/m of the lumber used is also attached (at a later date).

Design Notes

Basically, the design is described via the full description of the project.  A building permit was purchased on this persons behalf and the ramp has been constructed and painted.  

Bill Ellis, Art Roderick, Bob Landridge, Jim Hando and Jack Hotchkiss have participated in the build of this project.  It has been completed except for the final inspection via the city building department.  They have been requested to perform a final inspection and was told it would happen on Wed or Thurs of this week.  No insp yet!  3/6/02--The ramp has been inspected by the city and has satisfactorily passed.  Thr project came in under costs due to the sales that we purchased the materials under.  Thanks again to the people that worked on this project.

RCRV designer is John McDonough, and was requested by St Lukes Hospital-Jackie Ryan. The project was begun Mar 1, 2002 and completed Mar 6, 2002.


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Wheelchair ramp drawing

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