Dynamyte Transporter Cart to hold a voice synthesizer communication device

Requested Project

A 5 year old day care client uses a portable computer with a  touch-screen as a communication device which vocalizes pre-programmed phrases in response to her touch-screen inputs. Currently, this computer requires an assistive adult to move and secure in some manner in the new location, every time she moves about the room or rooms, because it is a very expensive device, and she cannot be expected to either comprehend the value or exhibit proper care for it.   The result is that every time the client, who has no speech capability, moves is deprived of any communication until the assistive adult can complete the move.  What is desired is a way for the client to move the device herself in a way

which both protects the device and allows it to remain useful. An additional requirement is that the transporter provide some measure of walking support to overcome weakness in both legs.

Design Notes

The design for this project is based upon a walker concept, which incorporates an integral compartment which shock-mounts the computer ( a Dynamyte (TM)). Construction is based upon use of construction-grade PVC which is somewhat stronger than plumbing-grade PVC, and has a more dense surface, requiring no finish for a satisfactory appearence. Wheels in fron and glides in the rear provide suitable stability, either in motion or stationary. The shock-mounted compartment is adjustable in both angle an height to achieve good access for the client.

RCRV designer is Dick kittrell, and was requested by Kirkwood Community College. The project was begun Sep 15, 2000 and completed Oct 10, 2001.


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