Pressure operated switch

Requested Project

This project requires a contact-closure in the form of a large area, pressure-operated switch which can be actuated by a person with very limited motor skills and control.

Design Notes

The design for this project is based upon conversion of a commercial CD-ROM case (the flexible, vinyl kind; not the rigid plastic jewel-case kind) into the required switch. This is a very simple conversion which consists of installing (2) pieces of brass shimstock with double-sided tape, onto which wires of suitable length have been soldered. A standard 1/8" phone plug one the far end completes the job.    Pressure anywhere near the center presses the sides of the case together and causes the brass contacts to come together and provide the contact closure.    This a very inexpensive and durable solution.

RCRV designer is Dick kittrell, and was requested by Options of Linn County. The project was begun May 8, 2002 and completed May 8, 2002.


Additional Information:

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CD switch drawing

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