Report Card Data Base

Requested Project

Prototype a data base to store and retrieve scores and levels of achievement for students in physical education in a school system.  Make the system as adaptable as possible to allow for variations in curricula, grade levels, performance criteria, and to track students over time.  Produce sample input forms and output reports similar to the sample forms provided.

Design Notes

Relational data base design has 11 files to account for class year, class year variations, quarter or semester, student, performance, and overall behavior.  Forms provided to define session schedule, performance requirements, report card entry, and individual achievements.  One report form provided to evaluate each student for a particular class session.  Demo data base implemented in Access 97.

RCRV designer is Donald Grimm, and was requested by GWAEA - Mike Simran. The project was begun May 23, 2002 and completed May 23, 2002.

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