Wheelchair ramp in front of house in Marion

Requested Project

Peggy Macal a Rockwell employee needs to have a wheelchair ramp repaired, or replaced for her husband.  The materials to repair the ramp is estimated to be $600, ROM.  

A ROM to move the ramp to the side of the deck, the material cost is $800, actuals are $685.  

Design Notes

The ramp effort will include removing the existing ramp and building a new ramp which will turn the corner at the edge of the existing deck.  15 inches from the ground, a 4 X 4 foot landing will be built.  This landing will be located at the front edge of the existing deck and will have a stairway, 3 steps, built so that Peggy can exit the ramp without walking the entire length of the ramp.  A gate will be placed in this location as well to preclude Ron from running off the ramp.  The drop will be 1 inch per foot of ramp.  Therefore, the deck is 30 inches high and will need approx 30 foot of ramp.  After the turn, a 14 foot ramp was built from the 15 inch high deck to the ground.  A 4X4 ft concrete pad is located at the bottom of the ramp.  

All posts will be concreted in with a 1/2 bag of concrete for each post.  Depth of the holes will be 36 inches.

Materials were purchased and delivered to location in time for the build.

The removed deck materials were hauled to the land fill by the city.

The carpenters union, 308 assisted us in this effort.

The original ramp has been removed and sent to the dump.  The new ramp has been built thanks to Ed Holstrom, Mike Wilson, Bill Ellis, Art Roderick, John McDonough, Leonard Sholes, Dave Skelley, Jeff Stammeyer, Bob Langridge, Tom Brennom, Doug Bramow (Local 308), Ron Lewis (Local 308) and Joe XXX (Local 308).  
ROM estimate is 60 hours of labor to remove old ramp, and install a new ramp.  Ramp and deck have been painted.  The activity is completed.

RCRV designer is John McDonough, and was requested by Aging Services. The project was begun Aug 14, 2002 and completed Sep 17, 2002.


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Ramp with deck

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