Head Tilt Switch

The head tilt switch is a hat with two attitude detecting switches that will trigger when the head is tilted to the left or right. It is intended to be used as an exercise device for people that that have difficulty controlling head movement.  The angle of head tilt to trigger the switch can be adjusted as needed for each situation.  The switch is attached to an 1/8 inch phone plug that can be plugged into actuation devices in the class room.


The switch consists of two mercury switches obtained from old thermostats.  A 2.5 inch length of steel banding (commonly used in shipping) 3/4 inch wide is used to hold each mercury switch.  One end of the steel banding is bent in a circle for a friction hold of the mercury switch.  The other end is rounded as shown by the black tabs in the picture above.  

The housing for the mercury switch assembly is a box built from sheet aluminum (2" x 2.25" x 2.25").  The mercury switch assembly is held in place at the desired tilt angle with a small machine screw and thumb nut.  The box is pop riveted to the bill of the cap.

The picture below shows the box with one mercury switch removed.

2001 RCRV and GWAEA

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